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  1. The brush with a man hot women

    According to a new study, being touched by a man, literally, hot women.

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  2. Milk thistle liver protector

    The seeds of milk thistle is traditionally used for medicinal purposes.

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  3. Ginseng and Health

    From the lands of the Far East has won overwhelming market share, even in our tables, we are talking about Ginseng.

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  4. Artificial heart implanted in a child of 16 months

    Infant Jesus Children's Hospital of Rome has introduced for the first time, the artificial heart to the world's smallest just a baby just 16 months.

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  5. Eating fast leads to diabetes

    How many times have you eaten a plate of pasta on the fly for fear of being late for an appointment?

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  6. We are all sleepwalkers, or almost

    If you thought that sleepwalking, sleep disorder that leads to getting out of bed and walk although still asleep, it was only good for horror movies, you can go and change your ideas.

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  7. News from Avène Laboratories

    Avene Dermatological Laboratories, sensitive skin experts have presented their latest advances in skin care, cosmetics led by sterile, a form of manufacturing, unique in the world that it eliminates all kinds of preservatives, including those authorized.

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  8. The best and worst countries to be a mother

    Being a mother is the greatest thing in the world for many reasons, but may be better or worse depending on where you are born. According to recent studies, the best place to be a mother is Norway.

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  9. Five interesting facts about dreams

    Nothing else to rest your head on the pillow, some people switch off their conscious, but the cells swarm in your brain are very awake and generate enough energy to produce dreams, during REM.

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  10. The conditions of the new copayment

    The amendment modifies the traditional distinction between assets and liabilities in ten different profiles to now bring to the pharmacy and shuffled some stretches, said the Minister.

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