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  1. Why does our universe look the way it does? In particular, why d

    Why does our universe look the way it does? In particular, why do we only experience three spatial dimensions in our universe, when superstring theory, for instance, claims that there are ten dimensions — nine spatial dimensions and a tenth dimension of time?

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  2. errer inCode and treatment of breast cancer

    Ferrer inCode SymphonyTM has begun marketing a new diagnostic tool to help the clinician to predict the evolution of each breast cancer and, therefore, to determine a personalized treatment, depending on the patient's genetic profile.

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  3. Outrageous excuses to be late for work

    When it comes to excuses for being late for work, a new study shows that workers are very creative.

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  4. The winter sun and autoimmune diseases

    The sun can be harmful to patients with autoimmune diseases like lupus, even in the winter months because it can be a trigger for an outbreak of the disease causing photosensitive reactions such as rashes, fever, fatigue, swelling and joint pain among other symptoms.

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  5. A year after the Anti-Tobacco Law

    On the first anniversary of the completion of a year of Law 42/2010, which established health measures against smoking, the Spanish Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors (Fedifar) has analyzed the sales figures for smoking cessation products. The analysis was performed based on the latest data available closed.

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  6. Exercising the memory of our older

    Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia have developed a virtual game for exercising the memory of older people, which enhances cognitive ability and quality of life of its users.

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