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  1. 600,000 fewer smokers, congratulations

    Reform of the Law of Snuff is paid with 600,000 fewer smokers and a reduction in sales estimated at 500 million packs during their first year of operation, according to estimates by the National Committee for Smoking Prevention

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  2. Advances in the treatment of HIV in 2011

    A study by a U.S. university found that the drugs used to combat HIV also help prevent infection.

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  3. One euro per prescription

    Analysts believe that constitute an ideal way to solve the financial problems of public health. It is a sector, they say, you need a thorough reform.

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  4. Video games may cause myopia in children

    Experts warn that use optical over 15 minutes a game can lead to vision problems.

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  5. Discovered vaccine that attacks several types of cancer in mice

    A group of U.S. scientists said Monday they had developed a vaccine that targets tumors in mice, a discovery they hope can help fight breast cancer, colon, ovarian and pancreatic cancers in humans.

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  6. Morning-After Pill: Controversy Explained

    Now that the Ministry of Health has authorized in Spain for sale without prescription in pharmacies to women over age 16 believe it is time to answer some questions you may have about this decision.

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  7. Androgenic alopecia in young

    Androgenetic alopecia is the most common form of hair loss and male pattern refers to the estate.

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  8. U.S. announce a condom with Viagra

    Maybe later in the year Santa Claus in his sack load a new gift: the 'condom viagra'. Its difference from the conventional condom containing a vasodilator substance that helps men maintain an erection during intercourse

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  9. Anorexia in the fashion industry

    A women's magazine has made a controversial Italian photojournalism with Karlie Kloss, a 19-year-old whose figure, extremely thin, has raised alarm bells about weight and health of the models.

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  10. Oral medication against multiple sclerosis

    The application of new oral drugs has become one of the alternatives to the treatment of multiple sclerosis, a disease in Spain according to official data some 40,000 people.

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