Monthly Archives: November 2011

  1. Explanation and treatment of Psoriasis

    If you have ever experienced or know someone who has suffered know that psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease whose most visible are the scaly lesions that appear in different areas of the body that may be affected.
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  2. Importance of organ donor age

    Over 75% of organ donors in Spain over 65 years. It is a problem for pancreas transplants because the donor's age should not exceed 45 or 50 years.
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  3. Kegel Exercises Alone Fail to Improve Sex

    Some couples may not know it, but every time a woman has an orgasm, her pelvic floor muscles contract. And there are exercise programs that can strengthen these internal muscles, which are also used in bladder control and childbirth.
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  4. Sleep and urinary incontinence

    Have a good night's rest is essential for good health. Each person is different and their sleep needs are too. But as we age, sleep becomes more fragile and more easily interrupted.
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