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  1. Protecting the medical research budget cuts

    To the Spanish government cut more than 400 million € budget for R + D + i, research in Spain has taken another step back at levels of investment in research prior to 2008.

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  2. Doctors and pharmacists create a guide for hypertension

    The document marks a before and after comprehensive care to 10 million adults suffer from these problems in Spain, since it is the first guide to hypertension and cardiovascular risk consensus result of joint work between doctors and pharmacists Spanish.

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  3. Pharmacies dispense prescriptions stop Murcia Health Service

    Ensure that they do because they have no guarantee of payment from the Ministry of Health. The College of Pharmacists clarifies that it is individual cases.

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  4. Madrid doctors involved in solidarity mission in Ecuador.

    Doctors from four hospitals in Madrid taking part in a solidarity mission in Ecuador. The project, coordinated by Oct. 12, allowed to operate at 106 patients with inguinal hernias and incisional hernias. Other members of the health center developed two cooperation projects in Uganda and Cameroon

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  5. Climate change and air pollution worsen eye allergies

    Itching, dryness, tearing, red eyes and blurred vision. These symptoms are associated with allergic conjunctivitis, will become more common this year and more intensely affect people who already suffered in previous seasons due to climate change and pollution.

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  6. Pharmaceutical marketing perplexed single-dose

    The Official College of Pharmacists of Tarragona (COFTA) has shown dissatisfaction with the authorization of the Ministry of Health, the first single-dose drugs because, he says, the Administration has not yet been in contact with this group to realize the implementation of this new measure

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  7. Chocolate will be the new cough medicine

    British scientists finish clinical trials of a new drug that contains theobromine, a compound present in cocoa, the basic component of chocolate.

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  8. Start the pharmaceutical distribution unidosis

    The Minister of Health, Social Policy and Equality, Leire Pajin, yesterday visited the Logistics Centre in Sant Feliu de Ferrer Buixalleu (Girona), a pioneer in the distribution unit dose following an agreement with Pharma Onedose.

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  9. Alzira's hospital decorated for children.

    Pediatric area of the Hospital Universitario de La Ribera (Alzira) now have a new decoration informative, educational and entertaining.

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  10. Antibiotic resistance in World Health Day

    The World Health Day 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that resistance to antimicrobials is becoming increasingly serious and many infections are more difficult to cure, which results in a prolonged and expensive as well as an increased risk of mortality.

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