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  1. Male fertility and semen quality

    Consolidated increasingly certain that the causes of male infertility are mostly related to the quality of semen.

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  2. Aspirin reduces cancer risk

    A small, daily dose of aspirin significantly diminishes the risk of death from a wide range of cancers, according to a study.
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  3. Corazón Indio by Nieves Herrero

    Nothing is impossible if you are proposing. That is the philosophy that spread to his companions Luke Institute. Lucas is the protagonist of the latest novel by the journalist and radio and television Nieves Herrero. A young Indian transplant.
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  4. IRTA and Ordesa inaugurate a new pilot plant

    The Prince of Asturias, Felipe de Borbón, on Friday inaugurated an innovative pilot plant scale processes will allow for development of new dairy products
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  5. Resveratrol and body fat reduction

    Arrate Lasa Elgezua, researcher of the research group "Nutrition and Obesity" at the UPV / EHU has developed his thesis and Resvetratrol conjugated linoleic acid: effect of these functional ingredients on the metabolism of triglycerides and adiposity has studied the effect fat reducer two ConjugadoResveratrol linoleic acid functional ingredients. (CLA) and Resveratrol.
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  6. Higher education lowers blood pressure

    The more years of higher education a person pursues, the lower their blood pressure readings will be for decades afterward, especially among women, a new study has suggested.
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