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  1. A good night's sleep is crucial to remember

    Humans spend about a third our their entire lives least, that's the theory. Lots of people get by on significantly less sleep, but this has its trade-offs. And memory is one of the biggest victims of not enough sleep.

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  2. Smoking damages genes within minutes

    Those first few puffs on a cigarette can within minutes cause genetic damage linked to cancer, U.S. scientists said.

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  3. Painkillers without side effects

    Scientists may have found a substance that blocks chronic pain but doesn\'t appear to cause the unwanted side effects of other painkillers.

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  4. Platelet Gel to reconstruct the breast

    This is finally a good news that delights millions of women who suffer the trauma of seeing his body maimed after undergoing surgery for cancer of Spanish mama.Científicos announced yesterday the establishment of a platelet gel that serves to restore volume of a breast after removal of a tumor.

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  5. Convicted two doctors for a misdiagnosis

    The Criminal Court number 20 of Madrid was sentenced to four doctors of the Hospital Gregorio Marañón, two of them to one year in prison and the other to pay a fine of 100 euros, to confuse a stroke with symptoms of anxiety and enter the victim in psychiatry tied to a stretcher, the Association has informed the Patient Advocate.

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  6. Collapse anus 100 times a day removes depression.

    Yes you have read correctly, we have not gone mad, and like you, I could not believe the news when I discovered the other night on television. The book with this title so special is sold on Amazon and is on sale now for only 15.26 dollars.

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  7. Smoking for ten years skin ages two and half years

    The dermatologist and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology (AEDV) Agustin Viera says that smoking for ten years running speeds up to two and a half years wear on the skin and therefore skin aging.

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    Apart from the drugs (not recommended), diets and supplements, there are other many other tricks to try to improve your brainpower.

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  9. The Vaccine That Came In From the Cold

    Scientists say they may have discovered a way to develop cool new vaccines—and they mean that literally. By replacing essential genes in a mammalian pathogen with their counterparts from Arctic bacteria, they have created strains that provoke a protective immune response in mice—but that don\'t spread to the warm parts of the body where they could do serious harm. The team hopes that the method will lead to a new generation of vaccines for major bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis.

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  10. Switzerland destroys flu vaccines

    The vaccines had expired were worth 32.7 million euros.En 2009 the European country purchased almost double the number needed to treat population.

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