Monthly Archives: December 2010

  1. Race for the baby check.

    Birth on New Year and before the stroke of having the right to collect the 2,500 euro baby check. Giving birth to an hour later and celebrate the birthday of the shoot in January 1, 2011 means losing the benefit that the government removed this year.

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  2. The price, the best anti-smoking law.

    This is to verify accounts and that the best measure that can be implemented to improve public health, as argued by the Minister of Health to when justifying the enactment of tougher anti-smoking law is to raise prices. It is shown that when the price goes up snuff, smokers curb consumption.

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  3. Identify the cells that initiate tumors

    The study, published in the journal Cancer Cell, determines how many there are and where are these cells, called tumor stem cells. Research has focused on a malignant brain tumor (glioma), the most common type, although there are indications that some subtypes of breast cancer, colon and lung cancer may behave similarly.

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  4. Orange sold in pharmacies, a cell phone for seniors.

    The phone, ready for the majors, incorporates a panic button in case the user needs help

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  5. What weighs Christmas

    Christmas fat. The excesses of the holidays leave from two to four kilos. Losing what is gained in a few days can cost more than two months

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  6. Magnetic cancer scam

    On Monday Facua, NGOs responsible for protecting the rights of consumers complained to the Ministry of Health to the company to ensure Magnetik on its website that can heal or alleviate diseases such as AIDS or cancer using magnetism.

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