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  1. FACUA demands the withdrawal of so-called Miracle Bracelets

    The association Facua-Consumers in Action has been asking the new Minister of Health, Leire Pajin, which sets forth measures to recall the so-called miracle bracelets, because after six months of health authorities to denounce this fact, the product continues on the market.

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  2. New range of jars Blevit

    Ordesa Laboratories, a leading infant feeding for more than 60 years, has launched a complete range of jars to be marketed under the brand Blevit.

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  3. Leire Pajin is the new Minister of Health

    The Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has done extensive remodeling in the Ministries, Leire Pajin appointing as Minister for Health and Social Policy in place of Trinidad Jimenez, who happens to occupy the Foreign Affairs portfolio.

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  4. Farmasierra neuen Anti-Aging Seren.

    Farmasierra Group has strengthened its online cosmetic dermatology with the launch of a new range of serums Trataderm line for specific skin care. Care Collagen Firming Serum and Serum Regenerating Care Baobab provide intensive care beauty that restores skin elasticity and radiance. They are suitable for the prevention and treatment of skin aging and loss of skin elasticity.

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    Recent studies have shown many rejuvenating properties, anti-aging and smoothing of the skin, hitherto unknown in snake venom. This poison causes a reduction of muscular contractions known as botox reducing wrinkles caused by repetitive movements of facial muscles.

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  6. Rheumatoid arthritis in Spain

    On Friday, National Day was celebrated in rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that 250,000 people suffer in Spain, with an incidence of 0.5% and 20,000 new cases each year. Anyway, it remains a great unknown for most of the population is a rheumatic disease that causes chronic autoimmune inflammation in the joints, significantly impairing quality of life of patients and affects mainly to the female population.

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  7. U.S. gives up its patent on AIDS drug

    United States announced for the first time ever in the fight against AIDS, which will share ownership of some drugs to combat HIV. The donation will go to a patent pool that treatments designed to be accessible to the poorest.

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