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  1. Elderly: How to prevent dehydration in summer.

    With the aim of raising awareness about the importance of achieving optimal hydration in older people, Age and Life Foundation has launched an awareness campaign, with the collaboration of Aquarius. The campaign consists of the dissemination of recommendations on hydration in nursing homes across the country.

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  2. Photoprotection campaign on child ISDIN

    The acquisition of healthy habits during childhood sun protection is extremely important if one considers that during the first 18 years of life decreases by 78% the probability of developing cancer in the future.

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  3. Biman PRO 3.2.2 Method

    The brand dedicated to food and dietary supplements for weight control, Biman, Biman PRO features. This is a high protein diet and calorie-based Method 3.2.2, created by a team of health professionals to ensure the success of weight loss in an efficient, healthy and balanced.

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  4. Method to control your weight AIDA

    Dr. Rosa Perez-Bibi, a graduate of Sport Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Paris, has written this book called, AIDA Method, the initials of Self-Esteem, Intelligence, Decision and Joy.

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  5. Innéov presents a capsule dandruff

    Dandruff treatment developed so far are based on shampoos and topical products that fight the presence of Malassezia on the scalp and excess sebum, but innéov has developed a dietary supplement that acts directly on the barrier function deficiency scalp, considered the real source of dandruff.

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  6. Earn Health: Detoxification and Drainage Therapy

    Our body accumulates toxins every day, we breathe, play and eat without realizing it, in the street, at work even at home. Live surrounded by traffic, eating poorly, taking many drugs or suffer from stress are a source of toxins, not to mention the smoking or drinking alcohol, and the consequences are felt in our health.

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