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  1. Snake venom trendy cosmetics.

    Today I will tell you of a new fashion cosmetics that was embraced around the world. These are creams made from snake venom. As might be expected we have reached the point where it releases the poison in question are almost a daily routine.

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  2. Jellyfish: What to do if bitten.

    The presence of jellyfish on our coast became a regular event, especially now that summer nears.

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  3. Sensibio H2O, water micellar of Bioderma

    The new product of Bioderma Laboratory, Bioderma micellar water H2O, arrived in Spain after having been successful in other countries, particularly France.

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  4. How do I offset the excesses of weekend?

    Excesses over the weekend is a common situation in our culture: barbecues, birthdays, paella followed by cake, etc. This, as usual, around a bountiful table of food and drink that provides more calories than you eat normally and that, in general, is far less healthy.

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  5. Hydration at 30 and 40

    The ideal is to adopt a daily routine, and so, after a thorough cleansing of the face by removing traces of makeup, dirt and grease and having toned skin, it will be ready for the third and last step of the daily beauty ritual: the nutrition or hydration, according to age and needs of different skin types and parts of the face.

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  6. Anti-aging antioxidants.

    Antioxidants are a useful ally in the fight against aging. The ORAC method (Absorption Capacity Oxygen free radicals) is currently the standard test for measuring the antioxidant power of foods.

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