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  1. Tensoval Duo Control: Best household Tensiometer

    The Duo Sensor Technology is described as the innovative combination of two professional measuring technologies. Whilst most automatic blood pressure self-measurement devices only use oscillometric technology, Duo Sensor Technology combines the advantages of both technologies. During the measurement procedure, Duo Sensor Technology primarily utilises Korotkoff's highly accurate method of blood pressure measurement.

    The high accuracy of blood pressure measurement using Korotkoff's method...

    Korotkoff's principle of blood pressure measurement is characterised by its high accuracy and reduced susceptibility to malfunction, producing correct measured values even in patients with a variety of heart rhythm disorders. This is why doctors normally use a stethoscope to listen for what are known as Korotkoff sounds in order to measure blood pressure.

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  2. Vichy creams launched a line of low cost

    Women can take care of your skin with products of high quality and an affordable price thanks to a new line French Vichy Laboratories have launched.

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  3. Thiomucase Extreme Areas, the first anti-cellulite in stick

    Laboratorios Almirall presented Thiomucase Extreme Areas, cellulite in the first stick to the rebel areas such as thighs, hips, buttocks or abdomen.

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  4. The Spanish and non-prescription antibiotics

    Spain, together with Greece, Romania and Malta, is among the countries of the European Union where most antibiotics are sold over the counter, between 5% and 10% of the total.

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  5. The trace element: What they are and how they act

    Our bodies, like all living beings, is composed of a series of chemical elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.

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  6. Women can go blind with jealousy

    It's hard to see things clearly when you fall victim to the green-eyed monster. And sometimes jealousy can make it hard to see at all.

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  7. Reassurances about the doctor kidnapped in the Congo.

    The Spanish doctor kidnapped in the Congo "is well", said yesterday the Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos. One idea that was endorsed by the Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, who said the news about the African country are "reassuring", but acknowledged that "the fact is that is kidnapped and is free until we are not alone."

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  8. What have the baby milk?

    Ordesa, specialized in infant feeding, has created a guide to nutritional terms to explain their meaning mothers and help them understand the composition contained in infant formula.

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  9. The decision of being mom

    By the thirties, a woman's biological clock is activated, which is key in making this decision, according to the study Clearblue Pregnancy Planning, which is under the Campaign "Illusion to be a mommy."

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  10. How to fight cellulite

    With the arrival of warm weather and the end of winter on their backs, growing concern over the physical body and appearance. The cellulite on the hips, buttocks and abdomen is one of the most common, especially among women.

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