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  1. The Blow's virus returns with the spring

    If we find it astonishing to hear that our son's class there is a case of scarlet fever, moreover increasingly common, it is equally aware that your child has the disease slap. And this spring is newly opened and as usual, the HFMD is rampant in schools and kindergartens.

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  2. Gluten-free products now labeled

    Dent is the first oral health expert in specifying their products without gluten. So conduct a proper labeling of products to facilitate shopping for people with gluten intolerance.

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  3. The risks of not vaccinating our children.

    In some cases, barriers to socio-economic, religious or personal issues, or the belief that vaccines are unsafe and have negative long term health, parents are deciding not to vaccinate their children.

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  4. Call for blood donation before Easter.

    Every day in Spain 5500 blood transfusion practice, requiring as many donations. The expiration of the blood (40 days) and especially of platelets (5 days) makes the arrival of these holiday dates cause an "imbalance" between the necessary reserves and dietary intake to compensate.

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  5. Bread decreases the levels of childhood obesity.

    The daily intake of between 150 and 170 grams of bread a day in children, which would amount to about three quarters of a loaf of bread, reduce levels of obesity and overweight among children, since increasing energy intakes from hydrates carbon, we cut that are derived from proteins and fats.

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  6. Medicines will be cheaper

    The first two measures announced by the Government to reduce current spending this year at 4,500 million between all administrations, aims to cut drug bills paid by the autonomous regions, and the receipts of light.

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  7. Andalucia approves the right to a dignified death.

    The law of a dignified death, adopted yesterday by the Andalusian Parliament with the votes of all groups, required by law to the Andalusian health professionals, both public and private, to meet the wish of patients to reject medical treatment prolong their life.

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  8. No to GM potato

    Faced with the disastrous situation of GMOs in Spain and the imposition of new transgenic potatoes, farmers, environmentalists and consumers, announced new protests.

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  9. The pill reduces the risk of dying

    Women who started taking the pill in the late sixties of last century are no more likely to die earlier than the rest. If anything, the numbers indicate that they have a slightly longer life expectancy. If confirmed this news, beliefs about long-term harmful effects of the pill may have their days numbered.

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  10. An anonymous Spanish donates a kidney in life.

    The president of the National Transplant Organization (ONT), Rafael Matesanz, has reported on Thursday that those who wish to donate a kidney altruistically life of a patient unknown and are in good physical and psychological can already do in Spain.

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