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  1. Baby Cologne, the first fragrance of Suavinex for Babies and Mum

    Suavinex has launched the Baby Cologne, its new and first fragrance with a fresh and delicate perfume, specially conceived for the baby and also for the mum. Its top notes of citric scent from the lemon and mandarin combine with the essence of white flowers and musk.

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  2. Sausage and bread itself, but with less salt.

    At a meeting of a committee of the Twenty-seven experts in Brussels yesterday agreed to reduce, in four years by 16 percent, the salt because of its relationship with cardiovascular problems.

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  3. Revolutionary system for the most sensitive skins

    In the year of its 20th anniversary, the company has patented a cosmetic Avène sealing DEFI (Device Intact Exclusive Formula), which allows the sterile storage of the formula contained in the package and kept free from external germs throughout the period of use.

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  4. Abbott to stop selling Reductil diet pill in Europe

    European regulatory authorities on Thursday said an Abbott Laboratories (ABT) diet pill should be pulled from the market because the risks of stroke and heart attack are too great with the medicine.

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  5. Questions on the morning after pill

    Minister for Health and Social Policy, Trinidad Jimenez, when asked about the adverse effects of the drug said: "The pill is safe and effective and therefore will continue to sell without a prescription, as we said eight months ago.

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  6. We were lucky with the swine influenza virus

    For the Director of the WHO "We were lucky with the new flu virus. Initially spread through countries with good surveillance systems. If it had mutated, would face serious consequences," the moderate course of influenza A is' the best health news of the decade "and the world can be considered" lucky ".

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  7. Avanafil for erectile dysfunction

    Not available for sale and has no brand name, but its virtues are well known by many citizens.

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  8. Stress link to cancer confirmed

    A direct connection between stress and cancer has been confirmed by scientists for the first time.

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  9. Lolita uterine cancer survivors.

    The eldest daughter of Lola Flores, recently revealed that she was operated on for uterine cancer last Dec. 23. Actress and singer recalled, including some tears when the doctor diagnosed her disease.

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  10. Why light worsens migraines

    A discovery among blind people has helped scientists resolve the mystery of why light can make a migraine go from headache to head-splitter.

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