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  1. Football: Real Betis vs. Villarreal match B, suspended by swine

    Real Betis during the week confirmed that a good part of his staff began to develop the virus, has received permission from the RFEF to postpone the match he faced at home to Villarreal B, set for Sunday.

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  2. The da Vinci Si Surgical System.

    The da Vinci Si System introduces several new features designed to provide additional clinical benefits and operational efficiencies:

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  3. Bolton players have swine flu

    BOLTON manager Gary Megson has revealed that members of his squad had gone down with swine flu.

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  4. Blood Pressure and Salt

    A move from a traditional diet to the sodium-laden Western diet is fuelling a spike in the blood pressure of the Inuit in Canada's North, Dr. Marie-Ludivine Chateau-Degat told the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2009, co-hosted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society.

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  5. WHO Study: Mobile phones and cancer

    During recent years, the use of mobile phones has increased substantially and has been paralleled by a growing concern about the effects on health attributed to exposure to the electromagnetic fields produced by them and their base stations. Demonstrating that radiation causes adverse effects on health would signal a widespread public health problem.

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  6. Non-adjuvanted vaccines for pregnant women

    The Spanish Health Minister has announced that pregnant women have a special non-adjuvant vaccine to provide them greater security

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  7. Sperm donor passed on heart defect to 9 children

    A sperm donor, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, passed on a potentially deadly genetic heart condition to nine of his 24 children, including one who died at age 2 from heart failure.

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  8. Wild Child safest enviroment record

    Wild Child was founded by Leanne Preston in Margaret River, Australia, following the unpleasant discovery that her youngest daughter had head lice.

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  9. Video Games good for the brain

    We have a tendency to think of video games as a big wad of time-wasting content, in fact you would never hear a parent say we don’t allow books in our home, but you’ll still hear parents say we don’t allow video games in our home. But, as we'll see, games are a medium and therefore they’re not inherently good or bad.

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  10. Paracetamol decreases the effectiveness of vaccines

    Giving babies Paracetamol to prevent fever when they get childhood vaccinations may backfire and make the shots a little less effective, surprising new research, published in Friday's issue of the British medical journal, Lancet.

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