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  1. Schools close as Swine flu cases increases in New York

    US authorities have closed down schools in the city in the wake of Swine flue outbreak as the number of infected cases, including a school staff who was hospitalised with critical condition, increased.
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  2. WHO urges restraint on Tamiflu in swine flu cases

    With swine flu still spreading, the U.N. health agency is warning countries to limit their use of antiviral drugs to only high-risk patients to ensure adequate supplies in case the virus should mutate and become more dangerous.
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  3. Swine flu spreads in world; Mexico opens schools

    MEXICO CITY – Mexico welcomed millions of children back to school Monday with masks, thermometers and globs of hand sanitizer, as scientists estimated the new strain of swine flu could have sickened 23,000 people before anyone realized it was an epidemic.
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  4. Critics: WHO slow on generics for swine flu

    LONDON – As poor countries face a possible swine flu pandemic with only enough Tamiflu to treat a tiny fraction of their populations, some experts are calling for a simple but contentious solution: massive production of generics.
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  5. Joint FAO/WHO/OIE Statement on influenza A(H1N1) and the safety

    To avoid any misunderstanding FAO, WHO and OIE would like to reissue their joint statement originally issued on 30 April.
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