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  1. New Insights, Inroads Against Breast, Ovarian Cancers

    SUNDAY, May 31 (HealthDay News) -- "It's nice to be here. It's nice to be anywhere," singer and actress Olivia Newton-John, a self-described 17-year breast cancer "thriver," told reporters at one of the world's largest gatherings of cancer specialists on Sunday.

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  2. 6 more schools close as New York City fights swine flu

    NEW YORK -- Six more public schools are shutting down as New York City continues combatting swine flu.

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  3. Scientists identify new lethal virus in Africa

    ATLANTA – Scientists have identified a lethal new virus in Africa that causes bleeding like the dreaded Ebola virus. The so-called "Lujo" virus infected five people in Zambia and South Africa last fall. Four of them died, but a fifth survived, perhaps helped by a medicine recommended by the scientists.

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  4. Value of Taking Aspirin to Cut Heart Risk Varies

    FRIDAY, May 29 (HealthDay News) --Taking aspirin reduces heart attack risk in people with no previous history of vascular disease but increases the risk of internal bleeding, say British researchers who analyzed the results of 22 clinical trials.

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  5. Swine flu infects US official in France for Obama trip

    CAEN, France (AFP) – An American official sent to France to help prepare President Barack Obama's visit to D-Day landing beaches next week has been hospitalised for swine flu but is doing well, officials said on Friday.

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  6. New York woman in 50s becomes US' 11th swine flu death

    NEW YORK – A woman died over the weekend of swine flu, becoming the city's second victim and the nation's 11th.

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  7. Spain is the third European country with more fertility treatmen

    Spain is the third European country with more fertility treatment, reaching 50,000 assisted reproductive cycles per year.

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  8. New products to combat head lice

    Over 35% of children suffer from head lice in the summer camps. With Quit Nits Advance, the only treatment without chemical pesticides, are removed all the lice and nits in just one day with an application of 2 hours

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  9. Mexico City: No cases in week, the end of swine flu alert.

    MEXICO CITY – Mexico City lowered its swine flu alert level from yellow to green on Thursday, and the mayor said "we can relax" now that there have been no new infections for a week.

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  10. Glaxo offers WHO 50 million pandemic vaccines

    LONDON – Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline said it has offered to donate 50 million doses of a pandemic vaccine to the World Health Organization in the event of a global flu outbreak, according to a company spokesman.

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