Arkopharma Fat Burning Concentrate Plus 20 Ampoules

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Arkofluido® Fat Burner: BIO plants to recover the line!

Arkopharma Fat Burning Concentrate Plus 20 Ampoules

Arkofluido Quemagrasa is a food supplement specially designed to help recover the line.

Arkofluido® Fat Burner: BIO plants to recover the line!

Thanks to its unique experience and knowledge, Arkofluidos® offers a formula of 100% plant origin that combines plants of biological culture, rigorously selected by experts in herbal medicine from Arkopharma Laboratories, in a drinkable format without sweeteners, without preservatives and without alcohol.

The green tea (Camellia sinensis). Green tea treasures its richness in its tender leaves, which has been traditionally used to promote the natural metabolism of fats in the context of a diet of weight loss.

The fucus (Fucus vesiculosus, Fucus serratus, Ascophyllum nodosum). The fucus, which was already used in Roman times, helps, thanks to its satiating effect, to limit the caloric intake, so it is recommended for people who want to control their weight.

The birch (Betula pendula) is widely used in phytotherapy, since its leaves favor the elimination of liquids and toxins from the body.

The pineapple (Ananas comosus) completes the recipe.

Created and manufactured in France, the Arkofluidos® range offers you the best of nature. It has the certification of

ECOCERT, an independent control body that guarantees the high quality of its products

Detailed composition

Aqueous extract of BIO plants [obtained from 926 mg of BIO green tea leaf (Camellia sinensis), 741 mg of BIO birch leaves (Betula pendula, betula pubescens), 186 mg of BIO fucus talus (Fucus vesiculosus, Fucus serratus, Ascophyllum nodosum) per ampoule] - Pineapple concentrated juice BIO (Ananas comosus).

Nutritional information media

For a blister

Aqueous extract of plants 8.95 g

Concentrated pineapple juice 1.05 g

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