Our story

Hi, I'm Vicente:

It is my duty to present to Farmacialanucia, so you have a safer view of the page you visit.

The beginnings of online sales were in 2008 (October), on a trial basis, we sold some products of our physical pharmacy drugstore.

At that time there was almost no portal specializing in beauty products, with honorable exceptions, today there are hundreds of websites drugstore.

I remember people asking me, what is this of Secure on board ?, but this is safe ?, will get me the package ?. Today buy, no longer ask :).

farmacialanucia.es born six years ago, we have adapted honest and natural for sale online way, try to create a comprehensive and professional project, providing at all times the most direct customer contact.

Everything has emerged gradually, with no idea how long we would be here.

The team that makes this project is small, but keeps alive and in their early enthusiasm.

Six years already, in a project that arose as an experiment in an eccentric pharmacist is a time that never imagined fulfill.

We do not know if six years more are possible, but we know that we have come this far.

Best Regards.

Vicente Segarra.

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You can find us at:
Av. Marina Baixa, 35
03.530 La Nucia
Tel. 96 689 67 55
Mobile: 697 47 22 87

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