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  • Neositrin Protect
    It is very easy for children to catch lice. But now, you can keep them at bay and at the same time, getting a tangle-free.
    This spray conditioner with pleasant aroma of orange and mango, used recursively removes the lice that may come into contact with the hair, preventing infestation proliferate.
  • Mosquito bites

    With the arrival of summer, we change our lifestyle, we went over the countryside and the beach, where there are many insects. Todo this makes us more vulnerable to insect sting or bite it, but in most cases only cause mild to moderate discomfort in sensitive people it may cause more severe allergic reactions.

    There are also frequent reactions by contact with jellyfish, sea urchins and fish contact buried in the sand that can cause nagging injuries as the spider fish.


  • Artichoke diet

    The artichoke is one of the best friends in the diets to lose weight because it has excellent properties for weight loss, is rich in fiber, which hinders the absorption of fats and sugars, and helps quickly moving toxins and harmful fats in the intestine .

  • We tell you what happened. That was the interview Pablo Motos Isabel Preysler in El Hormiguero.

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In farmacialanucia you will find the best brands, some of them exclusive, and a wide range of products. Get products from Cosmetics, Beauty, Baby, Herbalism, Hygiene, Optics, Orthopedics, etc. Find products to take care of your skin like gels and face creams, natural products, collagen and magnesium for your joints, fertility and ovulation test and many more.

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