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Fertilcontrol Easy Ovulation Monitor Device.

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Fertilcontrol Easy Ovulation Monitor Device.

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Method FERTILCONTROL system is faster and easier to find the fertile days of women. With this system, the couple can make a proper planning famliar, to help you know when she is ovulating women and to obtain the desired pregnancy as a natural way.

FERTILCONTROL offers women who wish to become pregnant, a system of analysis, using a small microscope for personal use, it allows to understand a woman's fertility through the crystallization of saliva and thus obtain a desired pregnancy naturally.

With the ovulation test reusable FERTILCONTROL, this cristallization appears like an structure of fern, with a bigger number of ramifications or branches, when it is more near of the moment of the ovulation and with a smallest number of them when we are far of this day. Out of the fertile period, we can observe a structures like burbles or points. This will help the couple in a very simple and efficient to obtain the desired pregnancy in a natural way.

The women's fertile period is between 3-4 days before and 1 days after ovulation. Ovulation (release of the ovule by the ovary) occurs once in each menstrual cycle. It takes place approximately 14 days before the first day of menstruation, could result in another day if you have irregular cycles.

There is scientific evidence that there is a direct correlation between the increase of estrogen and the timing of ovulation. This hormone is present in urine, blood and saliva. When dried a drop of saliva on the microscope FERTILCONTROL if it has high levels of estrogen present minerals crystallize in the form of ferns.

The closer is the time of ovulation, the estrogen level is higher and therefore the ferns that are found are more abundant and branched. After ovulation, progesterone inhibits the growth of ferns and the formation of bubbles can be observed only without definite form or Points.

If the image that you see, it is like a picture in the period fertile, in the case that you have relationships there is a hight probability to obtain the pregnancy, if the rest of conditions are good. To increase the chances of pregnancy suggest that you mantengáis relations are observed as early ferns (image slightly fertile period).

Sperm live about 72 hours while the half-life of the ovule is only 24 hours. For this reason it is advisable not only to maintain the day of ovulation but also in the days prior to increase the chances of pregnancy.

If you see an image like picture of infertile period, the possibilies to obtain the pregnancy are very little, because you aren´t ovulating. You d'ont need the complicated urine test that you can only use a few days a month, you can use
FERTILCONTROL all days in a clean and simple.

Benefits of the ovulation test FERTILCONTROL:
  • Control of the fertile days

  • No secondary effects (do not eat anything ...)

  • Does not offend any moral or religious beliefs

  • Being reusable, cheaper than other methods

  • Comfortable

  • Small and discreet

  • Clean and easy to use

  • Reliability

  • Simplicity

  • Economical

  • Education (testing every day, know your own cycle)

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