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The Argan (Argania Spinosa) is a thorny tre...
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The Argan (Argania Spinosa) is a thorny tree native to the southwestern regions of
Morocco, where only grown, forming the second reservation
country's forests. Can grow to between 8 and 10 meters tall and can live up
200 years, perfectly adapted to its arid environment, since in case of drought
continue to reduce its need for nutrients, by shedding leaves, which
sprout again as soon as the rains come, resuming the tree, its growth
The fruit of the Argan is green and looks like a giant olive of
sweet smell, the interior contains a treasure trove: a hard nut with a
small oil-rich seeds.
Extraction process of Argan Oil
The extraction of argan oil is long and arduous and can be considered a product
"Bio-ecological" for its traditional way of obtaining the seed from which is extracted
precious oil. A hundred kilos of ripe fruit contain only 1 liter of oil.
In the early 90 different chemical analysis confirmed that the valuable
dermatological and nutritional properties of argan oil was because it
especially rich in poly and monounsaturated acids (omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9),
contain up to 80% essential fatty acids (linoleic acid, linolenic acid,
oleic acid, arachidonic acid, linolenic acid), and contains large
amounts of Vitamin E.
Beneficial properties, and cosmetic
Argan oil has antioxidant properties, anti-aging, and is highly
beneficial to nourish and regenerate the skin, making it a staple
to balance the dry and dehydrated skin, protecting them from attacks
external skin aging, being also able to regenerate the dermis
when used every night applied to the face.
Key features include cosmetic;
° Soften and shine back to dry skin and brittle.
º acts as a powerful skin moisturizer.
° Promotes skin oxygenation provides elasticity.
No wrinkle and anti aging.
º revitalizes the skin surface.
No Restructuring and strengthens nails.
º Restores shine to dry hair and brittle.
Indications and Usage
For the correct application site Argan Oil is recommended that a gentle massage
circular motion to penetrate the product well, and it is advisable
always after bathing the skin clean and dry.

Dry skin care body: used everyday by gentle massage,
after the bath, leaving skin with a satin, ungreased. Can
also be used to massage the body providing a pleasant feeling of
well-being and relaxation. If the body's skin is especially dry, once a
weeks should be applied to the whole body and leave for 45 minutes before
Care dry skin of the face: apply to clean skin of the face and neck
with a gentle massage every night.
Cleanser: Argan Oil can also be used as a cleanser.
Hand care dry, dehydrated and cracked, is recommended to introduce
hands every day for 15 minutes, argan oil and lemon juice in
equal parts. Regain their hands hydrated and soft.
Beware of weak and brittle nails: for weak and brittle nails are
should be applied nightly on them a mixture of argan oil and juice
lemon in equal parts, and leave overnight.
Hair Care Dry, dull and brittle: Apply a small daily
amount to the surface of the hand on the hair, the hair will regain its luster
and smoothness. Can also be used as a mask, massaging the scalp
and hair with argan oil in sufficient quantity, and leave on for 30
minutes, or 45 in extreme cases. Then wash hair with shampoo
smooth, hair regain its luster, and natural body.
Hair Care against the sun: it is convenient to use Argan Oil
during the summer to protect your hair when you will be exposed to
the rays of the sun, this is enough to extend his hands a small amount
on the surface of hair.
Precautions and Contraindications
None reported.
Storage conditions
Store in a cool, dry, preserved from light.

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